Digestion is important to your overall health. If your digestive system becomes unbalanced, then the rest of your body will soon become affected, like lack of sleep and energy, your skin will breakout, and bowel movements will change. In traditional chinese medicine, the most important organs are the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the stomach. Stress on the liver can later cause your stomach and spleen to become affected. When the liver begins to put stress on your spleen, it can cause symptoms like irritability, pain, and loss of appetite. The stress from liver will also cause digestive problems for the stomach like acid reflux, nausea, burping, and vomiting. Another ancient diagnosis is “Stomach Fire,” which is when there is so much heat in your stomach it causes increased hunger. Symptoms include bad breath, acid reflux, and bleeding gums.

One of the physical signs of poor digestion is the look of your hair,skin and nails. The quality of skin and hair reflects on the person’s lifestyle and ability to absorb nutrients. Another physical sign of poor health in TCM is the health of the tongue. Used to find out the many clues of certain sickness on different sections of the tongue. The coating, shape, and size of the tongue can determine the health of the digestive tract. The belief of having well-balanced diet is the key to overall health in TCM.


Shan Zha

This hawthorn berry can be used to make tea to help aid in digestion. Drink after every meal to receive benefits. Its sweet and sour in taste and is considered one of the strongest herbs around. Also, Shan Zha is great for cardiovascular health.


Chen Pi

This herb can actually regulate your whole digestive system and soothe your stomach issues like nausea and vomiting. Chen Pi is actually the peel of an orange or tangerine and can be bitter in taste.