Do I REALLY Need to Detox?

We are half way through January and everyone is working on a better YOU. There’s something about the New Year that is so whimsical and refreshing; it’s a chance to start over and improve what you didn’t last year. This is evident by the number of gym memberships that are purchased in January. In fact, some statistics show that there is a gym increase of 35-50%. This brings other aspects of our lives to the main stage, like sleeping more, eating better, and adding more water to our daily routine. With all of that, the ultimate question comes to mind, Do I REALLY need to detox? In short, yes. But here’s why:

That Holiday Binge

Let’s be real, guys. We just finished a mad sprint through the holidays that was filled with over-indulgent foods, a plethora of alcohol, and more sweets that the world really needs. Your body is heavier than it was in October, your liver is exhausted, and you just feel gross. This is exactly why a detox is a good idea. Out with the old and in with the new! A detox will boost your natural detoxification process and aid you in getting rid of all the toxins you have absorbed. This will help your body let go of unnecessary oil and fats and encourage natural elimination.

Success is when Preparation meets Opportunity!

Prep Your Body

So now that you’ve decided to be super awesome for this New Year, you’ve got to do the prep work before you jump into the ‘healthy pool!’ Starting your year off with a detox can help prep your body and make all the new changes (to your diet, to your activity level) more effective! When you paint a master piece, you always start with a blank canvas. Treat your body like a canvas and cleanse it, so you can see every color show brighter!

A Healthy Colon is a Happy Colon

It’s not necessarily a surprise that your colon determines your overall health. This is, after all, where the body holds and rids of its waste. Cleaning out the colon (gently!) with a detox helps balance the bacteria that is supposed to be there and rids the stuff that isn’t. It supports the entire intestinal tract; it can increase digestion, speed up the metabolism (by making it more efficient) and can increase your absorption of nutrients!

Now if those are not good enough reasons to detox your body, think of this: You wash the outside of your body frequently to rid it of bacteria, dirt, and oil from the day. Cleansing the inside of your body will do the same thing and, ultimately, help you reach your goal for a healthier and happier life!

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