October is Non-GMO Month – Why it matters…

In case you aren’t a part of our “Cool Kids Club” newsletter (shame on you. Sign up here), October is Non-GMO Month! Along with celebrating All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) with candy and treats, we are bringing awareness to GM crops and the importance of knowledge. They say that knowledge is power. Well, “they” are most definitely right.

We are so tickled to be a part of a family of companies that believe that our customers (AKA favorite people) have the right to know if we use ingredients containing GM crops. This awesome family is brought together by the Non-GMO Project. They are a third party company that tests our products for genetically modified organisms. If you pass the vigorous series of tests, you get the ultimate gold star: The Non-GMO Project Verified seal. Not to brag or anything, but have you noticed that ALL BioTerra Herbs products are sporting that beautiful seal? We’re pretty awesome …just sayin’…

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SO why is Non-GMO Month so important?

Besides the fact that we, Americans, like to celebrate everything (Chocolate Cupcake Day is October 18th, guys! Be ready!), having an entire month dedicated to Non-GMO products and awareness is vital to educating people on the matter. Many still don’t understand the whole “GMO thing,” and that’s okay. As long as they hit up the inter-web and get their learn on. By bringing Non-GMOs to the spotlight for the entire month of October, it will help spread the word on a greater basis of this premature – and potentially dangerous – technology. Want to read more about the basics on GMOs? Check out our Blog: Non-GMOs 101

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Genetically modified organisms are not something that you want to sneak up on you, and for many they already have. Major companies, like Kellogg, Nestle, and Campbell’s, use GM crops in their products. Unfortunately, these are major names that are in most of our kitchen cupboards. We have the power to vote with our money. By spending our hard earned dollars on companies that are Non-GMO Project Verified, we are showing where our vote stands.

So during the revolutionary month celebrating Non-GMOs and all the companies that are compassionate enough to prove that they are transparent, show your support! Use your dollars as your vote and support Non-GMOs all month long!

Keep the conversation going! What are your thoughts on GMOs?

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