Overcoming insecurity when it comes to weight loss goals can be hard. Maybe it is not your metabolism, or you could be suffering from psychological barriers stunting your mental, physical, emotional growth. Most people who have lost the weight  and kept it off, have learned to overcome certain psychological barriers that block them from success.

All or Nothing Mentality

  • Stop thinking that maintaining or losing weight is something temporary. Once you turn your temporary goals into a healthier lifestyle, keeping the weight off gets easier everyday. Practicing portion control, controlling binge eating, and regular exercise can help with weight management.

Reward Yourself

  • Acknowledging your small accomplishments and rewarding yourself with non-food rewards, gives your confidence a boost. Take it easy while you get to know the new and healthier version of you.

Emotional Eating

  • Completely cutting off your favorite foods sets you up for a horrible binge fest. Allow yourself to have a cheat day once a week to satisfy your junk food cravings.


Try finding an exercise routines and health food plans that are perfect and to keep you interested. Try a cooking class that allows you to learn something new every week or a new exercise program that allows you to switch things up. If going to the gym is out if the question, try purchasing DVDs or going outside in nature to get a workout.

Learning to motivate yourself is one of the biggest weight-loss accomplishments you can make. Self-motivation is a skilled that can be learned,v certain techniques to try would be journaling or positive self-talk.

After you overcome your psychological barrier, add BioTerra’s weight management dietary supplement to your routine. When use with proper diet and exercise, this supplement boosts your metabolism and balances your blood glucose levels.