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Top 5 Causes of Female Infertility
Causes of Female Infertility Getting pregnant is actually not an easy task to accomplish. If you are single, or not...Read More
Natural Orange Detox Recipes
Detox with Oranges The best way to detox is to help your body do it naturally. Your body has a...Read More
Easy and Healthy Quinoa Recipes
  What is Quinoa? You might have heard a lot about quinoa recently, as its popularity has grown quite a...Read More
UTI Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
What is a UTI A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that takes place in any part of...Read More
5 Signs It’s Time for a Detox
With all the buzz about detoxes and cleanses going around, you might be thinking if a detox is a good...Read More
The Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon
  What’s So Special About Cinnamon? During certain parts of the year, it seems like you can’t get away from...Read More
Chinese Yam, a Staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine
What is Chinese Yam? The Chinese Yam, also commonly referred to as Dioscorea Opposita is a vine plant native to...Read More
Epimedium, More than just an Aphrodisiac
What is Epimedium? Epimedium is a genus of flowering plants found mainly in Asia, and out of the hundreds of...Read More
Cassia vs Cinnamon
What is Cassia? Cassia is a close relative to Cinnamon, the two are often mistaken for the same herb, however,...Read More
The Versatility of Hawthorn Berries
What are Hawthorn Berries? Let’s talk about another extremely versatile herb, the Hawthorne berry. With recorded data of this herb...Read More
Astragalus Root: A Fundamental Herb in TCM
 What is Astragalus? Astragalus, ever heard of it? Maybe you’ve heard of it by its other names Milkvetch or Huang...Read More
Why you Should Add Goji Berries to your Diet
What are Goji Berries? Goji Berries, also referred to as Lycium Barbarum or Wolfberries, is a brightly colored fruit that...Read More
Aloe Vera, More Than Just a Relief for Sunburns
What is Aloe Vera? Aloe is a genus of succulent that has over 500 species of flowering plants, many of...Read More
The Many Nutritional Benefits of the Hibiscus Flower
What is Hibiscus? Hibiscus is a flower known by a number of names across the globe, and grows in an...Read More
What are the Benefits of Ginseng?
What is ginseng and what does it do?  There’s a lot of talk about ginseng right now but is it...Read More
The surprising health benefits of turmeric!
What is turmeric and what does it do? You’ve probably seen everything from turmeric face masks, turmeric golden milk, turmeric...Read More
The Best Way to Detoxify Your Body
  The best way to detoxify your body is through clean eating and a good, clean herbal detox supplement. In...Read More
Infertility Awareness for Men and Women
  Although National Infertility Awareness Week is over for this year (it took place back in April), we wanted to...Read More
How to Keep Track of Menstrual Cycle
Are you one of those people who keep feminine products in your purse “just in case” you need them, because...Read More
What You Need to Know About In Vitro Fertilization
Many couples in the United States struggle with infertility and do not know about other options of conception. There are...Read More
Egg Donation vs Embryo Adoption
Couples who have fertility issues have options when it comes to starting a family. If the woman has issues with...Read More
Unexplained Infertility
  It can be the most difficult thing you hear when the doctors tell you they don’t have an answer...Read More
How to Know if You Are Fertile
  You and your partner have been trying to conceive a baby for what seems like FOREVER, with no luck....Read More
Getting Pregnant with Tubes tied and burned
Getting your tubes tied and burned. This is a life changing decision that most women claim they were 100% sure...Read More
What do Changes in Menstrual Cycle Mean?
Have you been going through menstrual cycle changes? Are you concerned or just curious about what the changes could mean?...Read More
Mini IVF vs Traditional IVF
You want a baby but you’re having trouble, so you decide to do IVF. You take hormone pills and hormone...Read More
How to deal with Diaphragmatic Endometriosis
Diaphragmatic endometriosis is when endometriosis tissue grows into your diaphragm. Endometriosis is usually painful to deal with and there are...Read More
Secondary Infertility: What it is and How to Cope
Have you been trying to conceive a second (or third, or fourth) child for a while without success? Chances are...Read More
Types of Endometriosis and Typical Treatments
There are technically three different types of endometriosis, however, it can show up anywhere in your body. Continue reading to...Read More
The Rising Costs of Insulin
In the United States, diabetic supplies—specifically insulin—have become so expensive that some diabetic patients cannot afford them. Today we’re going...Read More
Effects of Diabetes on the Body Systems
You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, but what exactly does that mean? I don’t want to frighten you, but it could...Read More
How Your Diet Affects Blood Glucose Levels
Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, you will want to read on to learn how you can be...Read More
Natural Treatments for Fatty Liver Disease
Has your doctor told you that you have a “fatty liver”? He’s not just being mean. It’s a real thing!...Read More
PCOS Nutrition
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is something that affects 1 in every 10 women of childbearing age in the United States....Read More
How to Heal Kidneys
The kidneys are a vital component of your body’s innate ability to detoxify itself. That is why it is so...Read More
Which Foods Increase Female Fertility
Female infertility is largely a common issue. 1 in 10 women suffer from infertility so you are not alone! There...Read More
FAQs About Arthritis
I’m sure we have all experienced someone with joint pains or arthritis pain. Maybe some have family members who have...Read More
Pregnant at 40: Is it Possible and What are the Risks?
Perhaps you waited to start a family. Nothing wrong with that. However, you’re not sure about getting pregnant at 40....Read More
Teas and Other Natural Diabetes Aids
Have you heard of a special tea for diabetes? There are tons of natural supplements and aids marketed for diabetes...Read More