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Most multis have ingredients you already get enough of from food. Ours contains only nutrients you need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use. Click on link below to see ingredients specific to each product.

Diabetes and Circulation

Diabetes has unfortunately become a common disease, but control over its symptoms have become easier to manage. The ingredients below, such as turmeric and coin-leaf desmodium are able to assist your body with regulating your blood glucose levels.

Immune System

Your immune system is a network made up of dozens of different types of cells and cooperating organs, and its main function is to fight off invaders like parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can harm you. These cells communicate with each other and travel to infected parts of the body to fight the good fight. Aloe Vera and the Japanese Honeysuckle are two great herbs to add to any diet or supplement regime for their ability to aid the immune system, by making it stronger and more responsive.


The respiratory system is made up of several organs, and is responsible for taking in oxygen, and expelling it as carbon dioxide. Your red blood cells then take the oxygen and transport it throughout the body to where it needs to be so the rest of your organs and cells can function properly. Cassia Cinnamon assists with blood circulation, making sure the oxygen you are inhaling is being used efficiently.

Digestive System

Your Digestive system is another system of several organs. This system is responsible for breaking down the food you eat into small enough particles for the body to absorb, and expel what your body does not need. It’s no secret that your body needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to function well. Well the digestive system separates all those from the food so that it can be used by the parts of the body that uses it. When there are issues with your digestive system, your body will slowly (or suddenly) let you know and can range from symptoms like diarrhea and stomach aches to more severe health issues like Crohn disease or ulcers. The herbs mentioned below help multiple parts of the digestive symptom such as the liver, spleen, and intestines, making sure they have the right tools to work properly and efficiently.


We hear the word “Detox” a lot today, and it is the process of removing the toxins that build up in your body. These toxins can come from the food we eat, unhealthy air and even cleaning and self-care products that use harsh chemicals. Our body has a natural detox process, but it still needs some help from time to time, just like your other organ systems. Fo-Ti and Knotweed can assist your body with this process by cleansing the liver, kidneys and urinary tract, and also act as a mild and natural laxative to make sure the toxins are removed properly.


We can always use more energy, and it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint what is the cause of our low energy. However, the herbs listed below each have a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine for boosting energy and fighting fatigue with their high nutrient values and supporting of multiple organ systems and functions. When your body has the tools it needs to perform its daily functions, it does not need to work as hard, this means less energy is being used throughout the day and at night when you sleep.


Making the choice of adding a little one to your family is such a great experience for any couple, but for some, saying is so much easier than doing. The herbs listed below assist in creating an optimal environment for a baby to grow from fetus to infant, by assisting all forms of the reproductive system and the overall well-being, not just in women, but in men as well. Which is why we would recommend our fertility products even if you are not looking to conceive.