Why Pets Matter

We love our pets!

We love seeing them when we come home from a long day. We take pictures of them to show our friends. They are one of our family members. They are so integrated into our culture that we often times forget they are even a different species from us. So, how did this interspecies, co-dependent relationship even originate anyways? was it serendipitous? was it evolution? There is much speculation… ideas range from our need to keep warm at night to us seeing the potential in each other to provide the basics for survival – food and love. While we may never know how our relationship truly started, this is what we know for sure: pets are phenomenal for your health! And one major reason is because bonding with your pet creates a hormone release in your body called oxytocin.

What are some of the things that oxytocin does?

***REDUCES SOCIAL FEARS – Oxytocin induces feelings of optimism, increases self-esteem, and builds trust.

***HEALING AND PAIN RELIEF – Amazingly, oxytocin can also be used to heal wounds (through its anti-inflammatory properties). Studies have also shown that a rise in oxytocin levels can relieve pain — everything from headaches, cramps and overall body aches.

***DIET AID – Researchers have observed that oxytocin deficient mice become obese later in life. Moreover, by giving oxytocin-deficient obese mice oxytocin infusions, their weight returned back to normal levels. The mice also showed a reduced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

***STRESS RELIEF – Oxytocin has been observed to reduce cortisol in the body and lower blood pressure both which unregulated can cause heart diseases and stroke. It’s also been known to improve digestion, which is often disturbed by high stress levels.

So, next time you see your pet, be sure to thank them for their awesome oxytocin releasing super power by giving them all the petting and scratching they deserve – you both will benefit tremendously!


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