Prep Your Body for the Switch to Herbs

We all know that our bodies are as different as our lives. We all eat different things at different times of the day, have complicated medical histories, allergies, tolerances – everything! Everything is different! So why on Earth would anyone believe that every single product that they try will work for them? It’s just plain silly! It’s quite obvious that all of our bodies have its own specific chemistry that is vastly different from the next. When it comes to supplementing your lifestyle with herbs and herbal supplements, you have to really understand your body and its sensitivity level to herbs. This goes for OTC products as well, some people (for example) are more sensitive to caffeine. That’s simply just how it is; others can down an entire cup of coffee and still be able to take a nap 30 minutes later. For this reason, when you are looking into trying herbal supplements you need to understand your sensitivity to herbs and accept the fact that some products will work better with your body’s chemistry than others.

Unfortunately, the US view on the subject is “if it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work at all.” This is simply not true. Just as everyone has their own way of relaxing, products work with your body in the same way. They are not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. In the olden days, herbal formulas were made individually and created around the specific needs of each recipient. Of course, there are formulas that were the best of best and those were used for everyone. This is where BioTerra Herbs steps in. The formulas that we use, while may not work for some, are the best. (Not to toot our own horn, or anything…) History has shown that these time-tested formulas are the pick of the pack.

Let’s Get Started

So if you’re a newbie to the herbal world and want to dive in head first, what do you do? Well you have to prep your body. By prep, we mean get rid of all the icky stuff that is still lingering from the western world. From processed foods to chemicals in that soda to the crazy medicine you were taking to sleep at night. The best way to kick off this lifestyle change is to detox.

While we would, personally, recommend our awesome Detox formula, you can start as simple as drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in it every morning before breakfast. This wakes up your digestive system and preps for the day. Studies have shown that this can help support the natural detoxification of your body – we could all use a little extra support from time to time – and it has even been linked to speeding up the metabolism! Woo!

After you’ve detoxed in whichever way tickles your fancy, you have to be aware of how your body will react to herbs. Obviously, if you have allergies that are related to plants, veggies, or herbs in anyway, you might want to talk to your doctor about it first. A safe way to take baby steps into herbal supplementation is to start with drinking herbal tea. You can’t go wrong with Chamomile tea, Roobois tea, and good ol’ Mint tea. Taking single herbs, like Echineacea when you are starting to catch a cold, can also be a simple way to introduce herbs into your life. Heck, even adding herbs like basil and oregano to your dinner can benefit your health!

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Once you’re ready to take some herbal awesomeness in your life, start here. Determine what health aspect you’re trying to support in your life. Is it Digestion troubles? Perhaps you just want a natural remedy to Sleep at night? Or maybe you’re just a little too Stressed out for your own good? Either way, we’ve got ya covered!

We encourage everyone to live the healthy lifestyle that they want. We make herbal supplements because we believe that there is a natural way to help us support the different aspects of our health. So when you’re ready to try herbal supplements, keep us in mind.


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