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Detox+Weight Management Bundle Herbal Supplements
Detox+Weight Management Bundle Herbal SupplementsDetox+Weight Management Bundle Herbal SupplementsDetox+Weight Management Bundle Herbal Supplements
  • Detox...ahhh
    Eliminates toxinsand gentle internal cleansing supports liver function.
  • Weight Management
    Help to promote optimal weight management when accompanied by diet & exercise.
  • All Natural+ Drug Free
    Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free.
  • Backed with Science
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Detox ...ahhh™

  • Give your body a gentle detox and eliminatethe toxins that have been holding you back.
With an all-natural blend of Dandelion, Aloe Vera,Cassia, and Ginseng you can give your body agentle internal cleanse and flush out toxins. If youare looking for a maximum 2-day detoxification,you can see the product label for instructions onhow to get a quicker cleanse without putting yourlife on hold.

Your Weight Management whoo!™

  • Don’t feel guilty after a cheat day.
A blend of Turmeric, Kelp Extract and Grape SeedExtract provides a natural approach to managingyour weight when accompanied with diet andexercise. These herbs and others chosen in thisblend have been shown to assist in promotinghealthy digestion, boost metabolism, and balanceblood glucose levels.
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Detox ...ahhh™ Featured Herbs

Support healthy digestion to removetoxins.
aloe vera
Aloe Vera
Move the toxins built up in digestivetract out.
Chinese Rhubarb
Protects the liver, helps hydrate the body. Inhibits intestinal absorption of water and promotes healthy bowel movement.
Chinese Rhubarb

Your Weight Management whoo!™ Featured herbs

Improve metabolism, and promotehealthy blood circulation.
Kelp Extract
Kelp Extract
Hydrates and promotes healthy andregular bowel movements.
Grape Seed Extract
Boost metabolism andencourage burning of fat.
Grade seed extract

Detox ...ahhh™ Featured Herbs

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules after a meal once per day as a dietary supplement.

Your Weight Management whoo!™ Suggested Use:

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily for 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day as a dietary supplement.
dandelion seeds blowing in the wind

Did You Know?

  • Natural digestion aids
  • Promotes weight loss and eliminates toxins

  • Supports metabolism and provides gentle internal

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