Female+Male Fertility Bundle
Female+Male Fertility BundleFemale+Male Fertility BundleFemale+Male Fertility Bundle
  • Female Fertility

    Promotes female fertility

    Supports female reproductive system

  • Male Fertility

    Promotes male fertility

    Support male reproductive system

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Female… fertility™ 

Female… fertility™ supplement for Women, by BioTerra Herbs with EPIMEDIUM is crafted using proven herbal recipes. This blend can help to DETOXIFY the organs of THE BODY to REDUCE STRESS while naturally BOOSTING LIBIDO.* Carefully blended premium NON-GMO herbs to PROMOTE Female Fertility. Our Product is INTENDED TO address the causes that disrupt the CONCEPTION support process.* It is Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

Male… fertility™

Male… fertility™ has been passed down over generations to strengthen the kidneys and liver to promote optimal sperm quality and count. It improves sexual function and helps the mind cope with stress- a major road block in male reproduction. Dysfunction of the liver and kidneys can create toxin build-up and stress in the body that results in low sperm count, motility issues, erectile concerns, and a myriad of other conditions that make reproduction difficult. BioTerra Herbs Male fertility enriches the liver and kidneys and addresses common male reproductive imbalances that trigger symptoms not optimal for conception.* Our all natural herbal formula also improves blood testosterone levels, enhances immunity, aids the body in accelerating synthesis and secretion of prostate hormones, and boosts male reproductive activity.*



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