Male... fertility™
Male... fertility™Male... fertility™Male... fertility™Male... fertility™
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    Promotes male fertility*

    Support male reproductive system*

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Male Fertility

1.  Optimal Sperm Quality & Count 

2.  Improves Sexual Function 

3.  Helps Reduce Stress 

Male… fertility™ has been passed down over generations to strengthen the kidneys and liver to promote optimal sperm quality and count. It improves sexual function and helps the mind cope with stress- a major road block in male reproduction. Dysfunction of the liver and kidneys can create toxin build-up and stress in the body that results in low sperm count, motility issues, erectile concerns, and a myriad of other conditions that make reproduction difficult. BioTerra Herbs Male… fertility™ enriches the liver and kidneys and addresses common male reproductive imbalances that trigger symptoms not optimal for conception.* Our all natural herbal formula also improves blood testosterone levels, enhances immunity, aids the body in accelerating synthesis and secretion of prostate hormones, and boosts male reproductive activity.*

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Ways To Boost Male Fertility Naturally

  •  Improve Diet A diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods, lean meats, and whole grains can help boost male fertility. Male reproductive system issues  has been linked to obesity 
  • Regular ExerciseIn addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise is the key to overall health, including male fertility. Keeping the body weight at normal levels can also help relieve stress and anxiety. 
  • DetoxEliminating toxins from the body can help with achieving a better hormonal balance that supports male reproduction. Additives found in food, pesticides in vegetables and fruits , and other chemicals play a huge role in male infertility issues.

Cause Of Male Infertility Symptoms

  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Stress 
  • Smoking
  •  Malnutrition
  •  Alcohol 
  • Other lifestyle choices

Male Fertility Ingredients

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