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Urinary Tract Relief ... ta-dah! Herbal Supplement
Urinary Tract Relief ... ta-dah! Herbal SupplementUrinary Tract Relief ... ta-dah! Herbal SupplementUrinary Tract Relief ... ta-dah! Herbal SupplementUrinary Tract Relief ... ta-dah! Herbal Supplement
  •  Urinary Tract Relief

    Helps to support urinary tract health &  function*

  • All Natural+ Drug Free
    Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free.
  • Backed with Science
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Urinary Tract Relief...ta-dah!™

  • According to traditional Chinese medicine, urinary tract infections are commonly associated with an opportunistic accumulation of dampness and heat.
  • Carefully blended herbs resolve the dysfunctional circulation of qi in the kidney and bladder.
  • Resolving the dysfunctional circulation of qi in the kidney and bladder, known as the lower energizer, is an essential process in restoring order.
The special herbal blend in Urinary Tract Relief...ta-dah!™ can help restore balance by reducing the bacteria population and inflammation while encouraging healthy and consistent urine flow.
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"Almost half of women experience UTI's in their lifetime. Hibiscus has been traditionally used to treat urinary infections, menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, soothe the respiratory tract and more."*

Graph comparing the effects of urinary tract supplemts after 3 months and 6 months respectively in regard to urinary tract infection treatment.
The frequency of urinary infections reported reducedsignificantly with UtiroseTM compared to 3 months beforethe study started. After 6 months UTIs were reduced by 89%. The reduction in frequency is all the more significantversus placebo at 6 months (p<0.01).
Graph showing a greater effectivenes of urinary tract supplemts compared to placebos with regard to urinary tract health.
In the study, doctors evaluated the efficacy of thesupplementation on the basis of the number of urinarytract infections observed during each period. Doctorsconsidered that the supplementation of UtiroseTMwas effective in 68% of patients versus only 22% forthe placebo.

Urinary tract relief ta-dah™ Featured Herbs

Coin leaf desmodium
This herb helps to reduce inflammation and relieve painful sensations caused by bacterial invasion.
Coin leaf desmodium
Knowtweed is trusted for the encouragement of flushing out toxins through urine.
Asian water plantain
Stimulates the filtering and detoxifying actions of the liver and immune system, thus increasing urine production.
Asian water plantain
Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily for 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day as a dietary supplement
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Did You Know?

  • Stimulates liver detoxification

  • Flushes out toxins

  • Reduces inflammation

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