Do you sleep in your socks because you feel like your feet will freeze to death? Or do you not because you feel like your feet might sweat? Wearing socks to sleep is controversial, but here we will uncover some facts about covering up your feet while you sleep!


Keeping Them On


  • May regulate body temperature
  • May help with night sweats
  • May prevent dry skin, especially during the winter time.
  • Putting lotion on before you put on socks will help moisturize your feet!
  • May help prevent Raynaud’s disease, a disease that makes your hand red when blood vessels narrow due to the cold.
  • If you do decide to wear them, try to stay away from thick socks. Thicker material may make your feet too warm and will not allow your feet to get the right amount of air flow.


Keeping Them Off


  • Less moisture, since your feet are free they are not sweating compared to wearing them
  • Constant airflow
  • Less layers will make you feel cooler
  • If you do decide to not wear them, try keeping your feet covered, especially in the winter!
  • If your feet get too cold, it may ruin blood circulation and may cause joint pains.
  • Check your feet before you go to bed, you can carry extra bacteria if you go to bed with your feet dirty!


By the end of the day, your feet are your feet! Some may find covering up your feet to sleep disturbing, while others have to wear them to sleep. Try experimenting to see if your sleeping patterns have changed if you change your feet aesthetic! Give us a comment if you try this and see a change!