Dandelion has become the often ignored “backyard” weed, but it was not always that way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dandelion has been used as a cleansing herb. Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants, the dandelion herb helps eliminate toxins from your digestive system, while eliminating free radicals. Mainly used in the springtime (the season of the liver), dandelion tea is brewed throughout this whole season.

During the spring season, many suffer from allergies and hayfever, the dandelion root cause by certain liver problems. Maintaining a healthy liver is required for people who suffer from allergies due to pollen, dust, chemicals, mold, foods and animal hair. When the liver is healthy, it creates an enzyme called histamines to protect the body.

Considered a very important class of herbs in botanical medicine, the dandelion is called herbal “alteratives.” Alteratives are a group of herbs that specialize in restoring the proper function of the body and increase overall health. Many herbs with this action improves the body’s ability to eliminate waste through the liver, kidneys, and skin.

How to use it:

The easiest way to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of dandelion is to brew a tea with fresh or dried dandelion leaves, flowers or root.


Dandelion Root Benefits List:

  • Helps clear skin ailments and breakouts
  • Aids digestive disturbances
  • Good for immunological disorders
  • Helps with hormonal problems related to PMS or menopause
  • Eliminates uric acid, relieving gout and arthritis
  • Supports nervous system and chronic nerve disorders
  • Assists the kidneys by purifying the blood
  • Helps with liver conditions such as hepatitis and jaundice
  • Good for endometriosis