Foods to Help You Sleep l Improve Your Sleep Patterns With These Snacks


Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Do you not know what is making you stay up all night? Maybe it is your eating habits? Eating is one of life’s essentials. The foods you eat not only affects your sleep, but your overall health. We came up with a list of foods to help you improve your sleeping patterns. 

Milk and cereal contains calcium and carbohydrates which contribute to sleep

Milk and Cereal

  • Usually eaten for breakfast, this may help you get your sleep schedule on track! Milk contains calcium while cereal contains carbohydrates that combine forces to make you feel restless. Try eating a small bowl before heading to bed with low sugar and high grains!

Grapes are an excellent source for melatonin which promotes sleep


  • Cherries and grapes are two  of the few fruits that contain melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that supervises wakefulness and sleep. Other fruits, such as pineapples and bananas, may help boost melatonin natural levels as well. 

Cheese and crackers contain calcium and carbohydrates that may benefit sleep

Cheese and Crackers

  • Just like how milk has calcium, cheese also has calcium. Cheese contains tryptophan that may help you feel sleepy. Crackers contains carbohydrates that can collaborate with tryptophan to make you feel sleepy. Cheese and crackers is just milk and cereal!

Green tea is an excellent source for amino acids that may help with sleep

Green Tea

  • With Green Tea being one of the most popular teas, the amino acids in green tea may soothe you which you to relax and feel sleepy. Too much green tea may keep you awake because of the caffeine! You can also try decaf green tea to minimize the caffeine! You can also try seeping green tea leaves, this may help if there is too much sugar in regular store-bought products!

Hummus contains Vitamin B6 which may help you sleep


  • This chickpea spread is something else! Hummus may not look appetizing, but it may definitely help you sleep! It contains vitamin B6 that are used to produce melatonin levels. If hummus does not work out for you, yogurt is another healthy alternative! Give it a try!


Give these foods a try, and you’ll soon be getting the sleep you want! Have foods you would like to share that is not listed above? If so, comment below!