Work Management
Life can be stressful. Whether you’re an accountant or a lion tamer (or just trying to balance your work/home life), some level of stress is inevitable. No matter what level or type of stress you experience, there are many ways to help ease your stress and calm your body and mind. Here are some simple, effortless tips you can use in 30 minutes or less to give you an instant calm in the middle of a hectic day.

Unplug and Unwind

Making sure to carve out time for yourself is an important way to find moments of calm and inspiration. While it may be a challenge at first (and who doesn’t love being connected?), take some time to step away from all electronics for a while. Leave your phone, laptop, TV, and all other electronics aside to reduce stress naturally and take some quiet time just for yourself, especially at night before you go to bed. Using electronics at night can keep your mind stimulated and alert, and according to Scientific American, viewing bright screens before you go to bed can interrupt melatonin production, the hormone that helps you discern whether it is night or day.

Of course, balancing your body’s natural nutrition is also a great way to reduce stress, and can help lend focus and restfulness to the experience of relaxation. Spend some quiet time first thing in the morning to set a peaceful, relaxed tone for the day. A great way to spend quiet time is to go for a walk and to surround yourself with stress-reducing nature, scenery, and a bit of fresh air.

Listen to Music

Listening to relaxing music will help reduce stress levels naturally and help you clear your mind. Instrumental music is especially relaxing, and a number of playlists specifically designed to help promote relaxation are available through apps and online. If you know how to play an instrument, playing that instrument on a regular basis can help calm nerves and can also give you a boost of confidence as you dwell in your artistic talent. Of course, for those who experience a spike in stress when performing, musically or otherwise, a natural stress reduction supplement can be a great way to settle nerves.


Laughter is the best medicine

You know that old saying that laughter is the best medicine? According to the Mayo Clinic, all-natural stress relief can indeed be found through the act of laughing. Laughter not only lifts your mood, but also helps improves your own sense of humor, which may be an added bonus in seeing the humorous side of a dramatic or stressful situation. Spend time with friends and family to get some much-needed laughs in, reduce stress naturally, and to enjoy your most important relationships.

Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is no fun, and it’s not great for your health either. If you aren’t getting regular sleep, not only will you not be able to perform well, but your stress levels will increase dramatically. While there’s a certain appeal to being productive all day, there’s also a lot of appeal (and health benefits) to taking a nap when you’re overly tired, lethargic, or drained. Getting in a quick, rejuvenating nap on days when you need it can give you a much-needed boost. Naps have been shown to increase alertness, aid memory, and promote creativity. Also, a natural way to reduce stress is to drink at least the recommended amount of water, especially in conjunction with all natural herbal stress remedies. This will help prevent you from becoming sluggish and irritable due to dehydration, which can lead to even more stress.

Find Creative Ways to Unwind

There are a number of terrific ways to promote calm, relaxation, and a more stress-free lifestyle. One of the best tips is to use stress-reducing herbal supplements, including natural, non-GMO ingredients like Chinese peony, peppermint, ginger, and dong quai. Taking a hot bath, using aromatherapy, drinking tea, and finding time for play are also terrific all natural stress relievers. Rather than wait till the end a long, hard work week to indulge, carve out a small amount of time regularly throughout the week to naturally prevent and reduce stress buildup, make your week go smoothly, and keep your blood pressure down. Get in touch with BioTerra Herbs to learn more tips and discover stress-reducing herbal supplements.