Summer is coming up! You may feel the anxiety kicking in during finals and deadlines, you just want it to be summer already! Although summer is a time for a huge break,  summer can also be demanding because you may either be going out a lot, apply for summer jobs, or just simply be a couch potato. Whether you are a parent preparing for your kids summer vacation, or you are a college student stressing about summer school, here are a few tips to reduce summer stress!


Take A Break

-As simple as it sounds, taking a break is a must! We are not functioned to work 24/7, our bodies need some time to rest. If you are at work, take a break every two hours. If you are at school, take a snack break to energized. Not taking breaks can lead to stress and anxiety leaving you stress on your body. Everyone deserves a break from time to time!

Laughter is the best medicine


-Summer is such a great time to socialize! Meeting new people can get your mind off things, especially during the workweek. Maybe try getting out of your comfort zone. Socializing may also boost your immune system, fight off colds, and may even fight depression.

Move Around

-Although sleeping in everyday in the summer sounds like a dream, be active! Keep your muscles moving. Something simple as taking a walk can boost your immune system, mood, and strengthen your overall muscles and bones.

Plan Ahead

-Summer is a time for vacation! Plan your summer weeks in advance so it can reduce the stress of planning last minute. If you know you have a busy schedule ahead of time, coordinate with your friends and family. Be responsible, and organized. You would not want your summer ruined because of poor planning!

These tips may not only apply to summer, but year round! Have any other tips you do not see on this list? Comment below!