The Benefits Of Natural Detox Drinks

Why Detox? Although the body has its own natural detoxification process, it often needs helps when it comes to protecting you from pesticides, pollutants, heavy metals, and more. Everything from the food  that is consumed to the air, is full of harmful toxins that can enter the body. Once the harmful toxins are stored in [...]

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The Detoxifying Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling originated thousands of years ago in Ayurvedic medicine that uses natural oils to cleanse and detoxify the teeth and gums. This traditional way of teeth cleaning cures tooth decay, kills bad breath, heals bleeding gums, prevents heart disease, whitens teeth, and boost immune system. Although you can use just about any edible oil [...]

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The Detoxifying Benefits Of Activated Charcoal Drinks

  Activated charcoal has been used in medicine for detoxifying reason dating back to 1550 BC. It is commonly used to help patients because of it ability to absorb toxins and chemicals that can harm the body like aspirin, chlorine, mercury, and alcohol. Made up of peat, coal, petroleum, wood, and coconut shell activated charcoal [...]

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Detox Your Liver With Turmeric Tea

Everyday encounters like heavy metals, pesticides,additives, and other chemicals throughout the day can harm your liver and produce toxins that can reach the bloodstream. The liver, which is the body’s most important organ, produces over 13,000 chemicals and 2,000 enzymes, and it filters up to 2 liters of blood per minute. Its main job is [...]

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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Pure Celery Juice

  Celery is often used in salads and in snacking, but little is known about the power of celery juice and its benefits. Anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle is familiar with green drinks including dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, but often forget about celery. Celery is an excellent source of vitamins B1, [...]

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What Foods Should You Detox Your Body With?

Exercising is not the only way a person can detox their body. Sometimes there is no time to go out for a quick walk or a run around the park. A good way to detox is by watching what you eat. Everything that a person eats and drinks can either have a positive or negative [...]

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Improve Your Health: With Turmeric Detoxifying Liver Benefits

 Turmeric, is an ancient spice that is still used in today’s recipes,but little is known about its amazing health benefits. The spice improves liver function while reducing the level of toxicity of the body. The only way to get rid of toxic overload in your body is too eat foods that help support the body’s natural [...]

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What Exactly Is A Candida Cleanse?

What is Candida Albicans: A fungus (form of yeast) that is caused by a Candida related complex and includes  undesirable symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, and gas. Although, Candida Albicans is normal in your gut flora, which is a group of microorganisms that live in your digestive tract, you could also suffer from [...]

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Purifying Your System: With Dandelion Root

Dandelion has become the often ignored “backyard” weed, but it was not always that way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dandelion has been used as a cleansing herb. Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants, the dandelion herb helps eliminate toxins from your digestive system, while eliminating free radicals. Mainly used in the springtime (the season of the [...]

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Would You Try The Fruit Flush Diet?

Former bodybuilder and nutritionist Jay Robb developed a popular 3 day detox program called the fruit flush diet. Mainly focused on clean eating, the diet plan was created to flush out toxins in the body by giving you a break on processed foods and letting fiber-rich fruits clean your digestive system.   Day 1: Avoid [...]

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