Why You Need to Take the Sun Seriously

Alright friends, let’s talk about something that everyone takes for granted. The sun. It is the most powerful energy source in our universe and is the ultimate foundation of life as we know it. We love to frolic and play in its rays, sunbathe and soak up its warmness; we celebrate its greatness with beautiful celebrations, and enjoy delicious fruits and veggies – the literal fruit of its labor. But it’s not all great, guys. When the summer comes, we all get excited – as we should – but it’s also time that we all take the power of the sun a little more seriously because it can do some major damage. And it goes far beyond the sting of a sunburn. Here’s how…

Our Skin

Being one of the largest organs in our bodies, our skin is a pretty remarkable part of our lives. Being our official “water barrier” – both keeping what needs to stay, in and keeping what should stay out, well, out – our skin has many roles in keeping our bodies functioning correctly. The skin is responsible for three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. All of which can be disrupted by over exposure to our beautiful sun.

Our Skin & Immunity

Our skin plays a (surprising) role in our immunity. As being our front line in defense, our skin can make or break our immune system. By taking care of our skin, we are also protecting our immune system from foreign invaders. A sunburn can damage the tissue of the skin, killing DNA, and opening a window for the immune system to be attacked. So taking care of our skin can be a very important part of our health in general. Our immune system needs to be “running on all cylinders” (if you will) to keep us in tip top shape.


80% of skin aging is a result of sun exposure. (Let that sink it… 80%!!)
This means that the majority of the wrinkles that you are trying to fight off can easily be tamed (and prevented) by wearing sunscreen every day and protecting your face from the sun with hats, umbrellas, and some delightful shade. Such a small and simple step of your daily routine like actively protecting the skin can save a lot of annoyances later on. It’s time to add this to the morning routine. Also, keeping the skin hydrated with lotions, oils, and avoiding harsh chemicals can help the skin to stay healthy and happy. Slow the signs of aging by taking care of your skin. It’s that easy.

The C Word.

Yes, skin cancer. Anyone with skin can get it; don’t be misled to thinking that because skin may be of a darker complexion or because someone can get beautiful tans from being in the sun that they are untouchable. Unfortunately, they’re not. By protecting our skin from the harsh rays of the sun, we can be preventing this altogether and protecting our overall health.


Did you know that eyes can actually get sun burnt? If you have light colored eyes, you probably have experienced it at least once in your life. Excess sun exposure can cause eye problems that can include blurry vision, the development of cataracts, The skin around your eyes is a very thin layer and needs to be protected from UV rays.

Now is the time, my friends, to take the sun seriously and protect our skin and eyes from its harmful rays. Wear sunscreen, sun glasses and protective clothing as a first protection barrier, but also make sure to seek shade between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. You can take control of your health by protecting your skin from the sun! What are your favorite tips on staying safe in the summer sun? Let us know on Twitter! @BioTerraHerbs #sunsafety

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