Traditional Chinese Herbs and Your Pet’s Personality!

So, we at BioTerra Herbs are very familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – it’s what we specialize in. But, for some reason, it never occurred to me that there was Traditional Chinese VETERINARY Medicine (TCVM)!!

In Chinese medicine, there is a ‘Five Elements’ approach used in the treatment of health conditions. It can be used for either pets or humans when trying to get to the root of a health concern.

The Five Elements organize all natural phenomena into five master groups or patterns in nature. Each of the five groups—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—have sub-categories that involve specific feelings, tastes, organs in the body, parts of the body, colors, times of the day, seasons, etc.

So, by understanding your pet’s ‘elemental’ type, a TCVM practitioner can begin to narrow down the reasons that certain health conditions may be surfacing for your pet and come up with a customized plan to resolve the issue(s).

What element is your pet? – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water?

Wood Type:

• Bossy/dominant behavior or attitude
• Impatient
• Short-tempered
• Alert and quickly responds to stimuli
• Easily adapts to changing condition

Fire Type:

• Easily excited
• Extroverted
• Loves attention/center of the party
• Difficult to calm down
• Proficient in competition

Earth Type:

• Kind
• Motherly
• Not easily excited
• OK with everyone
• Laid back/mellow

Metal Type:

• Aloof
• Confident, consistent
• Follows the rules
• Leader in a group
• Not easily excited

Water Type:

• Introverted
• Fearful of many things, not confident
• Quiet, good observer
• Willing to be alone, may hide
• Consistent but slow

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Regardless of what element your buddy is, we know you love them just the same. This can help identify potential problems in the future and help you love them even more!

What element is your fur ball? Let us know what element your pet is at #goherbal or – photos are always welcome!

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