When people think of charcoal, they either think of the dirty, burnt piles of rocks on the grill. Or, they do not even think of it as something to consume. Believe it or not, activated charcoal has a lot of health benefits, including boosting the immune system. Activated charcoal is not regular charcoal that you see on grills. Consuming regular charcoal can be dangerous since it contains many chemicals and toxins that can be dangerous to your body. Activated charcoal is made when charcoal is heated. It then becomes porous. When charcoal becomes porous, it has the capability to absorb items in the body, while also cleansing out bad toxins in your body boosting the immune system.


Other activated charcoal benefits:

-May be able to prevent hangovers

-Whitens teeth

-May be able to reduce cholesterol levels

-May be able to reduce bloating and gas

-Digestive cleanse

-Promotes skin health


Where to buy activated charcoal:

You may be able to buy activated charcoal in supplement or powder form at your local Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. You can also find them online. Activated charcoal is on the rise and you may be able to find activated charcoal in some restaurant’s drink menu, or even desserts.