Do you nap for 10 minutes? Or do you nap for hours? Napping is key element to your health, but napping too long may actually be bad for you. First starters, here are some facts your should know about napping!


What are the benefits of napping?


We all need a little re-boost. Napping may help you recharge your day! Naps may improve performance, and boost alertness. Napping may also reduce stress. Now the nap benefits also depends on how long you nap.


How long is the perfect nap?


20 minutes – The traditional 20 minute ‘power nap’ may include all the benefits listed above. You will hit stage 2 of sleep which focuses on alertness and concentration. You can even try drinking some caffeine like coffee so it will boost alertness when you wake up. Overall improves cognitive function. The good thing about a power nap is that you hit the stages before you go into deep sleep.


45 minutes – 45 minute naps may include rapid eye movement. Rapid eye movement may help with memory boosting and performance. Think of this as a power nap as well!


90 minutes and more – Napping for this long will cause you to go into deep sleep and go into the stages of REM. With this time frame, you may be hitting your sleep cycle. This may cause health risks mentally and physically. If you wake up with that ‘groggy’ feeling from a long nap it is probably because you did not get enough sleep. For example, your body going into deep sleep will need a full night’s rest rather than taking a long nap. You may definitely not feel good!


If you decide to take a power nap, or even a long nap, just be precautious! Try drinking lots of water before or after you nap. Try taking a power nap after school or work. Limit naps right before your regular bedtime so you can still get a full night’s rest!


Do you prefer long naps or short naps? Comment below and let us know what you think!