It’s December! Which means, the Holidays! But the Holiday season can also mean the ‘cold’ season. It is always stressful towards the end of the year in preparation for Christmas, and the upcoming new year. All the stress may lead to migraines. Here are a few tips that may help prevent migraines during this season!

Stay Warm


You know when your parents yell “put a jacket on or you’ll get sick!” ? They are not wrong, especially during the winter season. Exposing your body to the cold without wearing any layers may cause your blood vessels to compress causing a migraine. Keep your whole body warm! You may want to invest in a winter beanie and scarf.

Don’t forget, the inside of your home is the most important in regards to your health! You find yourself staying inside your home most of your time for sleep, so it is definitely better to keep warm inside! Although heating systems are used, try investing in a humidifier! Humidifiers are used to keep the air warm and may prevent sickness and dryness. Using heating pads are an option as well!



Although it may be cold outside, it is also good to keep your body moving and your blood flowing! Try exercising for 30 minutes minimum, it may help reduce the likeliness of migraines. Exercising or doing any type of physical activity can also reduce stress, what a huge advantage!




Sleeping is one of the essentials in life everyone needs! The winter time gets cold, but lacking sleep in the cold will make it even hard, try to have a consistent sleep schedule if you do not have one already. This will minimize stress and most likely will minimize migraines!


Eating Habits


It is important to eat all your meals! Young adults find themselves not eating breakfast but actually, skipping meals may lead to low blood sugar. Get energized and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner to prevent any potential migraines.

Drink Tea

Tea can act as natural remedies for migraines. Some herbs that may help reduce migraines include Ginger Root, Feverfew, and Skullcap. These herbs can be used to make multiple tea creations that taste great!

Winter migraines are the worse, so use these tips to feel jolly for the Holidays and New Year!


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