If you have a busy schedule or you’re on a budget then going to the gym seems like more of a hassle than a stress reliever. You do not want to get up an hour early after a long night to try to fit in time at the gym. Also, getting your favorite machine is not always guaranteed. There is nothing more disappointing than planning your day around cardio exercises but then the one machine you want to use isn’t available and you don’t have time to wait around for the person to finish. You can always save time and money by doing some of your daily exercises at home.


  • Squat Jumps (Two sets of 10 reps)
    • No equipment needed
      • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
      • Easiest way to do this is to begin with a regular squat and by engaging your core jump up using as much energy as possible.
      • The key to landing is to land as quietly as possible and back in your original squat position.
  • Alternative Side Planks
    • Again, no equipment is necessary for this exercise.
      • Start in a full plank position.
      • Shift your body to one side while rotating in order to get in a secure position to lift your arm.
      • Return to full plank.
      • Repeat as long as you feel as necessary and remember to switch sides and hands.
  • Forward Lunge
    • No equipment necessary
      • Stand with feet hip-width apart
      • Engage core
      • And step backwards, not forwards and bend front knee
      • Make sure the back knee lightly touches the floor and keep upper body upright.
      • Push front heel into the floor to return to your original starting position.


Always remember to warm-up before doing any strenuous exercising. The last thing you want to do is accidentally injure yourself because of skipping a step. Warm-ups are any ten to twenty-minute activity that will make the body limber, like jumping jacks or maybe running in place. It’s up to you.