Water + Lemon: Worth the Squeeze

It’s said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away – well, what about lemons? Sure, they’re not as sweet as apples and you either love or hate their sour taste. But what about their nutritional properties? It turns out that drinking a glass of hot water and fresh lemon juice (½ of a lemon) right when you wake up has an abundance of benefits for your health! Sounds too good to be true? Read on, dear lemon-nonbelievers!

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Here are the facts:

Jump Starts your Metabolism

The sooner you get nutrients into your system, the sooner your metabolism wakes up and starts moving! Lemons, which are packed with nutrients, are a super simple way to get your motors running first thing in the morning before you are able to get any food in your belly. Drinking hot lemon water does just that!

Vitamin C

In case you didn’t know, one lemon has 51% of your daily value of vitamin C (in addition to Vitamin A, pectin and tons of other awesome things)! That’s a whopping portion of nutrients that is vital for your overall health! Even if you only squeeze ½ a lemon into your hot water, that’s still roughly 25%! This lemon is definitely worth the squeeze.

Boosts the Immune System

Snowballing from the huge amount of vitamins that are in lemons, drinking hot lemon water in the mornings helps keep your immune system in check! It’s hard for cooties to get into your system and rough you up when you’ve got a full defense team ready to take them on! It’s a “no brainer!”


After “fasting” for roughly 8 hours every night, your body is in a dehydrated state when you wake up. Think about it, it has been working its little booty off repairing tissues, cleansing the blood, and refreshing the skin all while you were asleep – with no additional water! The best thing to do in the morning, for your entire system, is drink water to hydrate (and no, Coffee doesn’t count!)


With its bright and sour taste, lemons are not only refreshing, they help us wake up. There’s a nice little zing to lemon water and it is definitely appreciated first thing in the morning!

There are many other reasons to add hot lemon water to your morning routine. From supporting your natural detoxification processes, to aiding in balancing the body’s pH level, to helping the skin with wrinkles and acne, the benefits are just endless! So before you reach for that cup of joe, drink a glass of hot lemon water and watch your days get brighter, your skin get tighter, and your health get better!

Do you drink hot lemon water in the mornings? What are your favorite benefits that you’ve noticed? Shout them out to us on Twitter! @BioTerraHerbs #goherbal #lemonwater

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