What is Candida Albicans:

A fungus (form of yeast) that is caused by a Candida related complex and includes  undesirable symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, and gas. Although, Candida Albicans is normal in your gut flora, which is a group of microorganisms that live in your digestive tract, you could also suffer from an overload.Overgrowth only occurs when there is a change in your diet or lifestyle. Anything as simple as taking antibiotics, stress, and a diet that is rich in sugar and carbohydrates. When starting a Candida cleanse it is very important to relive some stress that is put on the digestive system.


There are many types of detoxifying cleanses for your liver, bloodstream, kidneys, and more. Designing a good cleanse means you have to choose foods that do not make your digestive system work hard. Sticking to a mostly vegetable and salad meal plan is highly recommended. Some people will have a liquid-only diet throughout their cleanse, but that is not necessary. Your cleanse should only last from 3 to 7 days.

During your cleanse, it is required to mostly eat salads, steamed vegetables, and some fruits. Fruits should be low in sugar like avocados, lemons, and limes are okay during your cleanse. This cleanse only lasts for a few days so your body will quickly adjust because you are give your intestines, liver, and internal organs a fresh start. So cutting out toxins and replacing them with fresh vegetables is an excellent way to start.