Exercising is not the only way a person can detox their body. Sometimes there is no time to go out for a quick walk or a run around the park. A good way to detox is by watching what you eat. Everything that a person eats and drinks can either have a positive or negative effect on their bodies. Certain foods will help with digestion or with being able to regulate your sugar levels. While others will leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Eating the appropriate food throughout the day can work wonders on improving your system. Detoxing is a great way of clearing the body from toxins that you may have digested the day before.



  • Some Suggested Food Items For Your Day
  • Asparagus: Not only does asparagus help with hangovers, it also helps the liver drain the toxins out of your body.
  • Grapefruit: Full of nutrients, fiber and vitamins. Great for getting your body going.
  • Kale: While Asparagus helps flush the liver, kale will assist in flushing your kidneys.
  • Olive Oil: You wouldn’t drink Olive Oil on its own but it pairs well with salads and should be something that you use when cooking.
  • Green Tea: High in antioxidants that help clean out your system, focusing mainly on keeping the liver free and clear.




  • Foods To Avoid
  • Alcohol
  • Anything with added sugar
  • Carbonated drinks


  • All these items will add unnecessary stress on the liver and defeat the whole point of detoxing.