Jet lag got you feeling some type of way? Ever feel ‘out of place’ whenever you come back from a trip? Timezone has shifted? Your sleep schedule is chaotic? Scared you won’t get it back? We came up with a few tips that may help you come back from your trip feeling ‘normal’ again!


What is jet lag?

Jet lag is a temporary sleeping disorder that comes from flying through multiple time zones. Having jet lag can impact your overall health, especially your sleeping schedule. If you are jet lagged, you may find yourself being extremely hyper coming back from your trip, motion sickness, insomnia, fatigue, having a hard time concentrating, and much more.


How long does feeling jet lag last?

It depends on an individual’s body and how long the flight took place. The number of time zone’s traveled is also a factor! It will usually take a full day for your body to recover if you traveled through 1-2 time zones. It will take a couple days for your body to adjust to even more time zones.


How can you reduce jet lag?

-Sleep before you go on the plane

-Be on top of your time with all time zones

-Don’t drink alcohol before or after your flights

-Avoid caffeine

-Keep moving


-Drinks lots of water

-Watch what you eat

-Try to stay away from any medication

-Catch up on sleep when you get home


It is important to keep your body moving so when you get back you feel energized! Keep yourself busy. Follow these tips and soon you will be keeping your body clock on track!


Got any funny jet lag stories? Have some helpful tips that were not listed above? Comment below!