Impressive Winter Life Hacks

It’s January, guys. Across the country many of us are surrounded by cold winds and lots of ice and snow. It’s easy to get sucked into the sometimes depressing winter morale of the winter season with all of the pain in the buns things that happen when the snow falls. We found some of the most helpful winter weather hacks to make this icy season a little less of a pain.

Kitty Litter: Not Just For the Cat

The next time your car gets stuck in the snow, reach for the kitty litter (sand works, too)! The texture helps the wheels turn by giving them something to grab onto. Winter Win: Keep a small bag of litter in the trunk of your car just in case of an emergency!

Frozen Side Mirrors Meet Baggies

Keep your side mirrors from freezing over by putting zip lock baggies over the mirrors while it’s parked! It will keep the icy from getting in the ridges between the mirror and make backing up and driving way less dangerous!

Vinegar + Water + Spray Bottle

Learning how to prevent an icy windshield is a real time saver! Here’s an easy fix: The night before a huge snowstorm (if you don’t park your car in the garage), get a spray bottle and mix some water and white vinegar. Spray all the windows of your car, liberally. Let it sit for a minute or two and wipe off with an old rag. In the am, you will wake up to frost-free windows! Voila!

Wet Boots?

We have all been there, you’re so excited to finally get inside where it is toasty and dry. You take off your boots and don’t really know where to put them! Get an oil pan (or old cookie sheet) and place river rocks or stones on top of it. Simply place your soaking wet boots or shoes on top of it and the water will drain through the rocks.

You definitely can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it! Understanding the weather patterns where you live and planning ahead with these awesome winter life hacks can help keep you from going insane!


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